Change is complicated, a lot of times we ask for change but accepting it is usually hard. It means you have to go back to beginnings and build another foundation, it means tearing everything down and starting anew. It basically means going back to zero with no extra time given. But,

Change is strength, it is hustling for more Patience than what we are naturally given. This gives everything else meaning. It explains why people get stuck in unsatisfying relationships, why people grow old in countries they were born in, it explains why we get stuck in jobs we do not love;no one wants to go back to applying for jobs,writing new resumes and being a new employee, learning all those basics again, understandable. But,

Change is growth, it’s is maturity not simply growth. Change is knowing that everything is not judged by time but by results. Change is a Patience class, it is risking for better. Change is eye opening it widens your eyeview to everything that you were blind to before. change is a teacher and I must say, I have learned. Now I know what change is and I will always be receptive to that.


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