Good everyday[Good friday]

When we are growing up, we reach a certain age and start to feel some type of way, there’s always that thirst that developes inside us, I can’t tell whether it’s usually the heart, spirit or soul, but something deep yearns for belonging. The thirst is usually so strong that we would drink from any cup offered to us even when we do not know what we are being served. There’s one thing I know, when I see a cup, I always thirst.

At this level in life most of us are naive I can tell that it’s always  the thirst, the emptiness inside that compels us to stick to any force that pulls us even if it is clearly pulling us into the mud; we have heard promises ” I will die for you” but who would?

I’m sure I can’t  die for even myself even when I finally do I won’t be doing it for me what about for someone else. I wish I knew this at sixteen but then I wouldn’t know it now. A part of me believed these empty promises and now am here and  no one has ever even lost a strand of hair for me.

Yet one man laid it all up for me, one MAN was stripped, bruised, mocked, insulted and humiliated for my sorry soul. Before I even knew it, he lay everything down and what did it take me to believe that? Years. Today no one can deceive me, I know the truth. One man loved me so much that his life didn’t matter if I were to die. He accepted all kinds of pain and died a shameful death so that I would live and be loved. One man loved and loves me that every day is a good day.

I have known greater love, I have known true love, I have known love in it’s purest form I have known that Man and I celebrate that man everyday of my loved life.


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