What makes you beautiful?

I was reading through some stuff and I came a cross this “what makes you beautiful?” I started thinking about it for some time and realised it’s not as simple as it looks or sounds. Nevertheless, I am going to try and write what I think makes me beautiful.

When God was creating man he said “let us make man in our image”, and boom I was made, I’m literally made like God that doesn’t even make me beautiful, it makes me more than beautiful. Its even enough for this kind of question but I will write more.

“You are wonderfully and beautifully made” that’s another big one and this comes from God himself making it so real and true.

Now I can go personal, though as a person I can barely think of many ‘whats’ that I can write. I know I’m beautiful; I see my reflection everyday and appreciate what God does with me, but I know besides what the eyes can see, I have a heart that loves people. Just seeing people makes me happy, whether I know them or not I just love them. I can spend the whole day looking at people passing me without saying a word and that would make me so happy. The beauty of all people lies down in my soul and the beauty from their eyes sometimes shines through me. Haha

I love God, I believe in God and I was saved by God. There’s always something beautiful about a person who has a touch of salvation on their lives and it always reflects as beauty in a person. Its like how an artist gives life to a drawing. That’s beauty with a special touch of God’s colourful brush.

Writing about beauty can be strenuous because it’s one broad topic, beauty is every where, it’s in every eye, in every light and lies in every shadow. Beauty is mysterious you cannot really know What makes up beauty. A billion of people are beautiful and none of them looks alike yet they have the same features, that’s beauty. No one really knows what it is But I know the kind of beauty God gives.




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