Your truths.

Knowing oneself comes a long way, most of us grow up without connecting with ourselves, we live listening to and believing what others have to say about us and we never listen to or give ourselves a chance to think that our opinions about ourselves are what matter the most.

It is important that we know ourselves and most important that we accept ourselves. Acceptance comes from knowing who we are and what makes us who we are.

Accepting yourself starts by telling yourself daily that you are good enough no matter what standards have been set, whether you reach them or not, it is looking at yourself everyday and falling in love with your eyes every second, it is knowing that you are enough for yourself and that no body can ever change that.

Knowing yourself is accepting that you may never be perfect but know that you are good enough and you can conquer whatever you need to.

When you know your truths no one can deceive you and they always liberate you.