Sailing the language waters

I have been applying to a lot of jobs lately and one qualification that I have been running short, one that I can’t even lie about is being bilingual. Every time I see a position with this requirement,I feel singled out, more like the world has left me behind, how could I be this slow?

I remember years back, möm used to beg us to learn French infact she even offered to give us lessons but none of us went to her class thrice. The second time we were all complaining because her class started at 7am, how early! especially on days we were off from school. That was torture and we did not see that much of a need then[eyes that can see beyond the seeable should be a prayer request for most of us].

Well, knowing English in Africa feels like everything. It always feels like you can go to all the planets on feet but guess what? We missed the Mark.

Now I’m here trying to learn some French and maybe Spanish will follow especially since it is the second most used language in San Diego. Things are not easy, speaking; un, une, la, le, and a thousand more that I haven’t reached at yet.

One thing is for sure though, when I’m done with this, I can easily visit Paris, talk freely to anyone who speaks French and maybe eat more French fries plus let me introduce myself again, Je suis une fille.


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