The first steps to starting a relationship with anyone is knowing who they are; what their name is, what their best food is, what music they listen to, the list is endless, every single day we always want to find out something new about someone we love.

When you find out your lover’s best food you always make sure it’s what you prepare when they come around,  you play their best music and maybe look for the kind of movies they love to watch, that is how you get to know someone you have a relationship with.

When you dont know anything else about a person other than just their names then you dont know who they are. You have to know a person deeper and this gives us pleasure in many ways we cant explain

 That is the same way i want to know God and maybe deeper than that. Until I get interested in God more than a boyfiend, I will keep digging, looking searching for more of him.

Letter to self

Before anything else, always believe you are beautiful,  remember that even on those days that a hair style turns out wrong or when your eyes are heavy from sleep, you are God’s image and he delights in you, but never trust in your physical beauty, never make it the source of your happiness, never use it as a weapon or strength, it’s not that strong and it can disappear anytime. 

Know  that you are not perfect, know that you cannot always win, and that doesnot mean you are less or a failure it means you are human.Never make yourself the center of anything only Jesus, is the center.

Love, always love, even those that are hard to love, love them more. Be patient with people, do not be quick to label anyone. Give everyone a chance to prove themselves remember you are not perfect either.

Be kind, words break more people and souls than sticks and stones.You will never take back anything that you have said, always watch your tongue. Kindness should be your language. Let it brand you.

This world is not good, a lot of things will not go your way, you will lose at some point, some people will hate you, even those you did not expect, your heart will ache and break, but this same world is for the bold, trust God always and fully. He will always give you the strength to carry on.

Pray, pray and keep praying, even when everything is on its best, pray. Trust God always and in whatever you do, acknowledge him.

This life is short, one second you will breathe your last and you can never be ready for that, you will even never know. Death will rob you of the people you love, remember that It’s God who gives so he can also take and that is what makes life worth living but, God will never leave you at any point in your life. 

Live your purpose while you can, do what ever you have to do while strength still runs in your bones. Do not trust this life, it will fool you into thinking you will live  forever, sad truth is, you will not but if you are wise you will. Find your purpose and live it that is our mission on earth.

Never believe in what the world calls fun, it may just aim at misleading you, fun is not confined in a place, an activity or a person.Fun is temporary and curcumstancial seek God’s joy instead, it lasts. Worldly pleasure are futile and will only kill you earlier than you are supposed to. 

Never put your hope or trust in anything perishable, riches beauty and people. Work hard, have enough but never rely on anything, they will all perish, so will you.

Read God’s word, meditate on it and live it, it is food to the hungry, hope to the hopeless, vision to the blind, compass to the lost, it is everything. It is wisdom, it is life, it is your weapon.

Never let anyone deceive you that God is not there, always listen you will always hear him, he is closer than you know.

Respect everyone even those younger than you, be humble it will save you from a lot of trouble. Be faithful, be honest, be loyal, be considerate, be careful and always be thankful. Tell the truth always, be sensible, be you. And you will be happy.

Always please God, follow his instructions, be one with him, compare yourself to only him, he is the only prefect there is. Pray for discernment, pray for wisdom, pray for perseverence, pray for self control, and pray for patience, you will never have enough of these. 

Live, love and appreciate yourself always.

Ask, always ask

Most times we fear to ask, we fear to approach people and we fear to make moves, we fear to even say what we think even when it’s killing us. 

Fear of rejection, of failure, of hearing a no, is real. Sometimes I feel like I shrink everytime someone tells me no, every time my request is declined, every time my results are not positive, I feel small, I want the ground to devour me so no one will experience my shame. This is one of those things I keep battling with everyday. 

When I apply for a job and they don’t hire me or atleast tell me sweetly the reason they couldn’t hire me, I overthink it, I doubt my abilities and end up feeling broken each time. 

But I’m trying to learn that when someone tells me no it has nothing to do with me, it doesn’t mean I’m less or incapable. I’m learning that just as I would say no to what I don’t like, someone else can also say no to what they don’t like even if it’s me.

I’m learning to take no, to accept that I can’t be everyone’s choice and that I can’t keep having my way all the time.It’s okay for someone to say no and it’s important for me to accept that whatever the case may be.