Ask, always ask

Most times we fear to ask, we fear to approach people and we fear to make moves, we fear to even say what we think even when it’s killing us. 

Fear of rejection, of failure, of hearing a no, is real. Sometimes I feel like I shrink everytime someone tells me no, every time my request is declined, every time my results are not positive, I feel small, I want the ground to devour me so no one will experience my shame. This is one of those things I keep battling with everyday. 

When I apply for a job and they don’t hire me or atleast tell me sweetly the reason they couldn’t hire me, I overthink it, I doubt my abilities and end up feeling broken each time. 

But I’m trying to learn that when someone tells me no it has nothing to do with me, it doesn’t mean I’m less or incapable. I’m learning that just as I would say no to what I don’t like, someone else can also say no to what they don’t like even if it’s me.

I’m learning to take no, to accept that I can’t be everyone’s choice and that I can’t keep having my way all the time.It’s okay for someone to say no and it’s important for me to accept that whatever the case may be.


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