New Year.

A new year is always a vast vacuum we know nothing about, its usually like a mysterious dream until it finally unfolds. A new year [2017] is here and most of us are praying for it to be  better than what we have seen already,  which is what we always do.

I was thinking about how good I want it to be and it hit me; I have no choice, whether it turns out good or bad I will happily step into it and will be thankful to see the dawn of January.

Each year comes with its own things, growth, successes and sometimes failure. Why do we always pray for new things when we could pray for new strategies? Its a new year but nothing is really new except; the numbers are higher and we all become a year older so at the end of it all, its not about the year its about our  growth, our progress and above all our life. If we should pray for anything, let us pray for new strength, courage and hope to handle anything that comes with it.

Let us then enter the year with courage and strength to carry on no matter what we are dealt with. If we can handle one year till the end, we can handle another one and another. Its just a matter of giving everything to God and letting him take the lead because if they told us the coming year would be worse we still would not choose the passing year.

Just dress up in courage,

hope and strength to handle whatever 2017 brings with it. The most important attitude a conqueror needs is courage, with this 2017 will be a good year whatever comes a long with it.