Just Give it all up

It’s mind-boggling how we all have these secrets that we keep hidden from everyone, even the closest to us. We all have parts and pieces of our lives that we don’t want anyone to find out because it’s shameful or it will ruin our reputations and sometimes relationships. We all pretend that we have everything under control and that we are almost perfect, we even sometimes talk bad about some of the habits that we know very well we do. Isn’t it sad how we all ptetend that we all have our worlds held together? do we though? Aren’t we all captives of some sort of prison? Of addictions, lies, pasts and a lot of other things we just can’t write here.

Why do we have to hide them to people though? Why don’t we want them to find out? What would they do to us? Does it really matter if they found out? Do they even need to find out because at the end of it all, it’s not them that you are called to impress, it’s not about anyone else but you.

 The only person we have to impress knows all of it, and I mean EVERYTHING. He knows that you are not perfect, that you are broken, that you cheat, that you are insecure, that you have an addition. He knows that sometimes when you are alone you cry. He knows that you don’t have it all together, that you are struggling, that you are afraid, that you are tired of everything. He knows that you don’t have it all together. So what is the point of faking it if God knows? What is the point of deceiving people that we are happy when God knows we aren’t?

How about we all just give it all up and accept that we are not perfect, that we can’t fix it, because we really can’t, that it’s too much to handle by ourselves and just surrender to him. How about we just tell him, “God, I know you know everything, you know every corner of my mind and heart, you know my soul. How foolish am I to think that I can keep all this from you? To pretend that everything is perfect yet you know very well more than I do that it’s not. God fix me, I surrender everything, I’m tired of all the guilt and the shame. Forgive me please. Recreate me and my heart that I may learn to be open and free with you and then to be open with people too. God I need you.

 There is freedom in accepting that you’ve been defeated and that it doesn’t make you less of what God made you. God knows that you can not handle everything, that’s why he tells us to go to him when we are weary and he will give us rest.

 It doesn’t matter what the world knows about you if you are right with God. No one can use your testimony against you. Do not be afraid to be against the world if you stand with God. That is all that matters. Let us seek to please God and let him in our heart of hearts, let’s make him our friend because only him has been and will be with us through all the shadows, darkness and the storms that no body else knows or wants to know about.