Our Good?

‘He makes all things workout together for our good’ 

Does this mean he makes bad things happen to us? No, the Bible says that he came so we might have peace and have it abundantly. Sometimes we let bad things happen to us like what Adam and Eve did, but most times, the devil does, which is his purpose, he came to kill, to steal and to destroy.

 We always wonder how something so bad like the death of a loved one, losing a job, accidents, illness and poverty, can be used for our good but, yeah it can. We just don’t know what our good is, that’s the whole mystery. 
We always associate good with prosperity and wellness but that is what human standards have set up as good. We don’t know whether its actually good for us or not. But God knows our good and depending on what happens to us, he has to keep aligning everything together so it can work with his purpose and plan for our lives. Remember, his plans are to prosper us. That is where he again beats the devil, when satan stirs up something to destroy us, God makes it workout for our good and the devil loses.

The whole point then is to trust God, this doesnt mean we can’t feel hurt when something bad happens to us, It doesnt mean we can’t cry when we lose a loved one, it just means that we need to trust God and believe that whatever the circumstance, he has our best interest at heart and that whatever happens a rainbow will rise after the storm, the morning will chase the night a way for a brand new day. Just Keep The Faith.


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